5 Easy Organization Hacks for Back to School

Jul 15th 2014

As veteran teachers, we know that Back to School often means countless meetings, endless hours of preparation and a great deal of stress.  Combat the chaos of the classroom with these quick, easy, low cost tips! Stylish Storage Solution– The […]

5 Tips for Creating Easy End of Year Portfolios

May 19th 2014

  Do these stacks look familiar? Like many teachers at this time of year, I find myself buried in piles of students work while desperately searching Pinterest for a cute solution. After several unsuccessful searches, I finally found my answer […]

Ready to Research

May 7th 2014

    We are nearing the end of the year (seriously summer can’t come soon enough) and my students are growing more hyper and less productive by the minute.  In an effort to increase engagement and keep my sanity, I […]

Favorite Multi-Sensory Sight Word Activities

Apr 2nd 2014

When learning how to read and spell, children respond best to hands-on strategies.  What better way to practice sight words than to use materials that will engage the visual, tactile, kinesthetic, and auditory senses. Here is a list of my […]

5 Secrets to Successful Test Prep

Mar 25th 2014

Just the mention of standardized testing causes major anxiety for both students and teachers.  These 5 secrets of successful test prep, along with our complete Standardized Test Prep Unit, will alleviate angst, strengthen skills, promote self-awareness and build confidence. Create […]

Settle Spring Fever with “Miss Nelson Is Missing!”

Mar 11th 2014

  Do you ever feel like Miss Nelson, calmly asking the class to settle down while they choose to squirm, giggle and whisper instead? As spring fever hits, patience and persistence decreases and our inner Viola Swamp starts to emerge. […]

Huge SALE February 27 & 28!!!!

Feb 27th 2014

Check out our store at http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Astute-Hoot for 28% off of all our products for a limited time only!!!!

Meet Max Modeling Mouse

Feb 23rd 2014

Greetings I’m Max the Modeling Mouse. I solve problems by using things from my house. Beans, cubes and counters are useful math gear; Use them to model the problem so it’s clear. Max Modeling Mouse is the first strategy animal […]

Practical Presidents’ Day Project

Feb 11th 2014

Students love learning about presidents, so what better way than with this easy, adorable president report? Use Target’s U.S. Presidents flashcards (found in the dollar section) or an online source to complete shared research and written report as the one […]

Meet Charlie the Chunking Chipmunk

Feb 9th 2014

“What’s up? I’m Charlie the Chunking Chipmunk. I help you break unknown words into small chunks. Look for little words or sounds that you know, Put them back together as a word and you’ll be the star of the show!” […]

Why? The Simple, Yet Essential Question

Feb 2nd 2014

As teachers, we are programmed to listen for the correct answer and are appeased when we hear it, assuming that students understand and are ready to move on. However, this is a serious misconception as students are missing out on […]

FREE Butterfly KWL and Question & Answer Foldables

Jan 20th 2014

Looking for a cute spring bulletin board idea? Starting a butterfly life cycle study? Check out our new FREE download that includes: –2 detailed lesson plans –KWL butterfly foldable –Ask and answer questions butterfly foldable –Pictures of student work samples […]

Turn Your Students Into Mad Scientists

Jan 13th 2014

Science projects are the perfect way to promote inquiry-based thinking, teach critical Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and motivate the most reluctant learners. Science projects allow students to: participate in shared research and writing projects; gather information from provided sources […]

Thankful Thoughts: FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Writing

Nov 19th 2013

Check out this fun and easy to use Thanksgiving craft and writing activity. Includes original Astute Hoot colored turkey body and feathers for craft, blackline master of turkey graphic, suggestions for use including Thanksgiving books for read aloud, and Thanksgiving […]

Going Batty!

Oct 8th 2013

Halloween is just around the corner and kids are focused on costumes, candy and creepy creatures–it’s enough to make you batty! Use this “Stellaluna” and Nonfiction Bat Unit to engage all learners while teaching critical Common Core Reading, Writing and […]

Letterman to the Rescue!

Sep 3rd 2013

Children love superheroes so what better way to engage them in writing than with a Friendly Letter Superhero? In this customizable unit, Letterman comes to visit each day, bringing a letter that teaches a specific friendly letter skill. He leaves […]

Best of Back to School Activities & Lessons

Aug 9th 2013

Planning back to school lessons is similar to cooking a gourmet meal—you need several elaborate ingredients, thorough instructions, specific materials and a great deal of time. Despite my best intentions, my back to school lessons, much like my gourmet meals, […]

NEW! Hazel’s Reading Roost Visits the Black Lagoon

Oct 8th 2012

Are you looking for an engaging literature study aligned to Common Core Standards? Do your students need motivation to read and write? If so, Hazel’s Reading Roost Visits the Black Lagoon is the unit for you! In this 80 page […]