HOO-RAY for Administrative Professionals’ Day!

Apr 19th 2015

                                              As teachers, administrative professionals are our lifeline.  They schedule field trips, order supplies, take care of our […]

Whooo’s Hazel?

Mar 8th 2015

Hazel Hoot, an adorable green screech owl, is a struggling learner as she lacks the strategies needed to help her succeed. In our charming book, Hazel Meets the Reading Strategy Friends, Hazel stumbles upon a magical tree in the forest. […]

Olive the Other Reindeer to the Rescue!

Dec 13th 2014

  There are still a few more weeks until winter vacation, but Santa, stockings and sugar are the focus of children’s minds! Olive the Other Reindeer is coming to the rescue! Our adorable  Olive the Other Reindeer Unit will capture […]

Glitter 101: How to Survive Glitter in the Classroom

Nov 23rd 2014

For most, glitter evokes the holiday season, but for elementary teachers, just the thought makes their toes curl and sends shivers down their spines. Glitter is messy, time-consuming and ever-lasting (hence those few pesky sprinkles lingering around at the end […]

The Classroom Party Everyone Will Talk About

Oct 25th 2014

    Does the thought of a classroom party make you cringe? Recruiting parent volunteers, planning engaging activities, asking for donations, keeping students calm….it’s a lot to juggle. Here are 6 tips to create easy, stress-free parties that everyone will […]

It’s Fall Y’all! 50% Off Sale on EVERYTHING on Website!!!

Oct 15th 2014

    The holiday season is quickly coming upon us! To show our appreciation for your support we have marked every single product 50% off when you purchase directly from our website. Click here to check out our store! Hurry…sale […]

2014 Halloween Bash Blog Hop

Oct 10th 2014

Welcome to our 2014 Halloween Bash Blog Hop, hosted by Teaching 2 Step! To celebrate our first Blog Hop, we are having a HUGE 50% off sale on our products this week only until October 18 here! Halloween in in the […]

Does Anyone Hear Me? The Art of Active Listening

Aug 16th 2014

Does anyone hear me? Am I speaking English? Why aren’t my students listening to me? Do these questions run through your mind frequently? I found I was repeating myself over and over like a broken record and ready to bang […]

Flash Friday FREEBIE

Aug 7th 2014

The first week of school is a time to focus on establishing procedures, explaining expectations and building classroom community. Infuse some fun into these lessons with our FLASH FRIDAY FREEBIE! Back to School Character Education Classroom Cooking Unit. First Day Jitter […]

Blast Off Back to School Sale!

Aug 3rd 2014

As veteran teachers, we know that the beginning of year often means countless meetings, endless hours of preparation and a great deal of stress. Let us alleviate some of your stress with our tried and true back to school resources […]

Owl Themed Classrooms are a Hoot!

Jul 29th 2014

Clearly I love owls and my students do too! Here is a peek into my second grade classroom, my home away from home. Each year, I refine my classroom with special finds from Target and Hobby Lobby (my favorite!) to […]

Master Meet the Teacher & Conquer Curriculum Night

Jul 22nd 2014

Just the mention of Meet the Teacher or Curriculum Night makes most teachers break out into a cold sweat. Why is this? We speak in front of people all day, every day, but the difference is their age. Children will […]

Back to School Organization 101

Jul 20th 2014

Does the sight of this classroom make you shudder?     Unfortunately for many teachers, this is reality during back to school season. As soon as we sign our contract, we become immediate hoarders, stock piling supplies purchased during those great […]

5 Easy Organization Hacks for Back to School

Jul 15th 2014

As veteran teachers, we know that Back to School often means countless meetings, endless hours of preparation and a great deal of stress.  Combat the chaos of the classroom with these quick, easy, low cost tips! Stylish Storage Solution– The […]

Vegas Baby!

Jul 13th 2014

We just wrapped up our first TeachersPayTeachers conference in Vegas and we had a blast! We learned so much, especially about Pinterest, data and marketing and we are so excited to apply it as soon as we get back.  All […]

Jennifer’s Summer Story

Jul 9th 2014

  Wow!  This summer is flying by so fast.  My boys attend a school with a modified year-round school schedule so that means that their first day of school is right around the corner on July 21st! Although I worked […]

Tina’s Summer Story

Jul 7th 2014

The Astute Hoot gals are always on the move in one way or another and this summer has been no different. I was lucky enough to take a trip of a lifetime with my husband Nick and dog Luna in […]

Jessica’s Summer Story

Jul 2nd 2014

The Astute Hoot girls are living some amazing summer stories! Tina is nearing the last leg of her 11,000-mile Creative RV Tour with her husband, Nick. Jen is venturing to Northern Arizona with her husband, Todd, and their boys, Alec […]

Beating the Summer Boredom Blues

Jun 24th 2014

  It is hard to believe that my boys are already halfway through their summer vacation here in Arizona.  We’ve had lots of fun so far, but I’m afraid to say that I’m already running out of steam!  It has […]

What’s Your Summer Story?

May 26th 2014

      Summertime is quickly approaching…..what is planned for your 2014 summer story? The Astute Hoot girls have several plans.         Jen is planning a road-trip with her family to visit the Grand Canyon for the […]

5 Tips for Creating Easy End of Year Portfolios

May 19th 2014

  Do these stacks look familiar? Like many teachers at this time of year, I find myself buried in piles of students work while desperately searching Pinterest for a cute solution. After several unsuccessful searches, I finally found my answer […]

A Sweet Treat for Test-Taking

Apr 6th 2014

Standardized testing is stressful for everyone! Prepare these Test Prep Bags to help motivate and encourage your test-takers. Sugar cures everything! Simply purchase treat bags or paper lunch sacks and select the candy to be used. I choose the camo […]

Standardized Testing Good Luck Hands

Mar 31st 2014

Standardized testing often causes anxiety and stress for students. I alleviate these worries and build students’ self-esteem with Standardized Testing Khamsas (Good Luck Hands), part of our Standardized Test Prep Unit. The khamsa, which means five in Arabic, is a […]

5 Secrets to Successful Test Prep

Mar 25th 2014

Just the mention of standardized testing causes major anxiety for both students and teachers.  These 5 secrets of successful test prep, along with our complete Standardized Test Prep Unit, will alleviate angst, strengthen skills, promote self-awareness and build confidence. Create […]

Celebrate Dr. Seuss & Read Across America

Feb 27th 2014

Use this easy, fun Cat in the Hat kabob recipe to wrap-up your Read Across America & Dr. Seuss celebration. You only need 3 ingredients—large marshmallows, red Swedish fish and kabob sticks to make this snack. (Use strawberries and bananas […]